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Guardians of the Galaxy
Rocket Raccoon with Groot

Attack Action Figure

Available on: Amazon.com

I’m pretty sure it’s an open secret, that I’m a huge “Guardians of the Galaxy” fan – and Rocket is literally my spirit animal 😀 (and not just because Bradley Cooper and I share the same birthday lol). That’s literally a figure I’d like to own. I love it! If you’ve no idea what to give me for my birthday, Christmas, or any other special event, here is one XD


Andreas Gabalier

Available on: Eventim

You didn’t see that coming, right? 😉 Surprise! Yep! Believe it or not, but I’m a huge Gabalier fan! I love our Folks Rock ‘n’ Roller and I seriously would like to see one of his live concerts! Sadly he’s rarely around this area, so I’d have to go to Munich, or else, but hey, worth the effort, right? Feel free to join me, so if you’d like to spend a weekend with me on one of his concerts and propbably need an idea for a gift… just an idea 😉




Lefthanded Fabric Scissor

Available on: Amazon

Oh yes, that’s a… ugh… bigh struggle. I mean, I’m using righthanded fabric scissors, sure, but… do you know how hard that is? I really REALLY would like to owe a lefthanded fabric scissor! It’d make a lot of things easier, so… in case you need another idea, here you are – and you’re welcome XD
Oh, and, yes, I’m lefthanded – surprise! :3