My Idols

Bill Skarsgård

I honestly don’t know, when I found myself fangirling about Bill, but I think it was somewhat around the release of “It 2017”. Yes, I’m a huge horror freak and there are different reasons, why I adore his skills in that genre. Basically because horror movies gives me some sort of comfort, but they also calm my anxiety and depression. With “Hemlock Grove” I fell for Bill – and I fell hard! Seriously, although he’s playing a narcistic asshole, I somehwat love his portrayal as Roman Godfrey! And that time he helped me through a lot of crap. My life isn’t easy. It never was, as a matter of facts. Eeveryone who knows me may agree to that… and, no, I’m not proud of it. But Bill and his horror movie portrayals, especially as Roman Godfrey, gives me somewhat of peace. Probably because he is one of those calm actors, who appreciates his work with a deep admiration and passion, and he won’t request a high influence on the society. He is himself, and keeps his private life away from the public. And that’s exactly what I like about him. He’s just as normal as you and me. And still, he’s living his skills throughout his portrayales. I’ve a lot of respect for him and he’s a high inspiration for me. Especially for my creativity on drawings and writings.


Simon Pegg

I’ve always been that secret Simon Pegg fan, and I’ve no idea, why. He’s an amazing actor and I adore his work since years. I can’t remember which was the first movie I’ve seen from him. I think it was “Shaun of the Dead”, passing over to “Burke & Hare” and “Paul”. It’s been a calming pleasure to see, or literally recognize him in different movies and whenever I switched into a movie from him, I usually left everything aside and kept on watching, because: a movie with Simon means fun!
He has always been a role model, because – even that I didn’t know too much about him and his movies – it was somewhat this passion in his work, which kept me going. It’s like someone is trying to tell you: don’t give up on your dreams; keep going and you can reach the stars. And that’s exactly what happened.
I’m grateful for everything he has done, and that he literally illuminated my life in many ways. Now, that I’m more into his work and openly talk about my admiration for him, I won’t hide it any longer and will appreciate him as my idol. He has a huge influence on my life and is a great inspiration as well.


Margarete Steiff

This might be one of the most obvious admiration I have ever had. I love plushies! And, yes, I’m a furry fan… but that’s just a side note on my relation I have with Margarete Steiff. She has always been a role model for me. Since the time I made my first teddy bear! I know, most of the people won’t know who she really was and probably – if they’re lucky – they’re aware of the name “Steiff”. But do you actually know about her story? I’d recommend the movie they made a couple of years ago. Though, I believe it’s only in German… but it’s such a heartwarming and wonderful movie and, yes, I admire her work! Margarete Steiff was such a wonderful and strong woman! And since then she had a huge influence on my life. Sewing turned out to be one of my favorite hobbies, and it’s true what people say: every single creation is like your baby. You create life with those plushies! And have you ever seen that glow in the eyes of someone who’s adopting one of your “babies”? It doesn’t matter, if you’re a child, or grown up. The love for plushies is immortal. Margarete Steiff has seen that too and it was her strength and happiness, that kept her going. I admire what she has done and she’s a huge influence and guide in my life.

If you want to know more about her, then I’d recommend a look on her Wikipedia site.