Just Me • Jess

“Let’s Boo Boo!”
Gary King
“The World’s End”
“This shit just got real!”
Nicholas Angel
“Hot Fuzz”
“Honey, I’m home.”
Roman Godfrey
“Hemlock Grove”
“We are the human race and we don’t like being told what to do.”
Gary King
“The World’s End”
“By the power of Greyskull…”
Nicholas Angel
“Hot Fuzz”
“This isn’t real enough for you, Billy? I’m not real enough for you?”
“IT 2017”
“What the fuck does ‘WTF’ mean?”
Gary King
“The World’s End”
Name: Jessica
Nickname: Jess
most people know me by my nickname, so feel free to call me Jess 😉
also known as: Cinnamofox
Tim Bisley
Specification: passionate artist & nerd
Age: in my early 30’s
Nationality: I’ve been born in Germany, but it’s just a part of the story.
Languages: fluent in German & English
I’ve some knowledge in Spanish and French, but I’m not perfect with it.
 Hobbies:  I’m a creative girl with a high passion for art, roleplay and cosplay. It’s the beat of my life and the main content of my daily routine. But I also enjoy writing, sewing, programming, computer in general, movies & music, photography, travelling and my time outside with my dog.
Profession: state certificated graphic designer
Working as: I’ve my own business / webshop
drawing equipment: personally I prefer my iPad, pencils, markers & watercolor
Operating System: OSX, Win7 & Win10
iOS & Android
Admiration: Simon Pegg, Jack Cutmore-Scott & Bill Skarsgård
amongst that I also adore the work of Edgar Wright, J. J. Abrams, Thomas Kinkade,  Vincent Van Gogh & Claude Monet
Movies &
TV shows:
Cornetto Trilogy, Man Up, Guardian of the Galaxy, SPACED, Hemlock Grove, Lucifer, Deception, American Horror Story & I’m a huge Ghibli fan
music style: Rock, Oldies & Fastfolk. Sometimes I even enjoy listening to Metal.
Pets: Pelusa, my precious and beloved little Chihuahua.