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in my online world Krystle´s Shop where I would like to introduce you all my lovingly hand-made, and creative works. Here you´ll find plushies, cosplay items, dog clothes and of course all sorts of accessories. In the near future I´m going to expand my services a lot more, so a pass by is always a look worth!

What you see, is what you get!
All pieces are hand-made. And what you see, is what you get! This is what makes it all so special - and to something unique! Feel the magic of this wonderful craft and give my art-works a new home!

Have a great time and a lot of fun on my shop!

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Everyone needs to start somewhere - on a delicated rocky road. So please, be patiently with me, until I found my routine in my online tradings.

Current products

Feathers [red]

Feathers [red]

1,00 EUR
Keychain "Bunny"

Keychain "Bunny"

5,80 EUR



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